Nash's Room Tour

   It has been almost 5 months since we have moved into our house (holy cow, time flies!) but I just recently felt like Nash's bedroom was completed. I get quite a bit of people asking me on Instagram where I got Nash's rug or dresser etc. sooo I figured I would do a little blog post of his room.

 My inspiration for his bedroom was minimalistic and natural. It's weird but I just LOVE Arizona so I wanted to have a little desert/bohemian vibe as well. I wasn't able to take a full, wide photo of his room because it's too small and my lens isn't wide enough haha. His bedroom also opens up to his playroom. I am hoping to be able to blog that once I am finished with it!

I linked everything I was able to at the end of the post :)

baby bedroom
blue rug
macrame banner
baby bedroom
wooden knob
baby bedroom
baby bedroom
childs bedroom teepee
yarn wall hanging
cactus planter
cactus planter
wall hanger
baby bedroom

Macrame banner


Wooden Accordion Wall Storage

Planters: Target

Yarn Hanging: I made it :)


Knobs: Hobby Lobby

White metal stand: Homegoods