Turning Lemons into Lemonade

I titled this post "Lemons to lemonade" for a reason, obviously. One thing that was super important for me when we went to Arizona last week was to get a few family photos. I made sure Dan knew like a billion times that Thursday evening we were going to take family photos! So sure enough, Thursday comes along, we pick the perfect park, packed up the tripod and were ready to go. Last minute we decided to go to a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, a few hours before photos for something to do indoors.

On our way to the mall we were in an accident. Thankfully, everyone was okay but it was still a pretty bad accident. The other driver had left the scene, we were in a rental car, and stuck in the middle of a six lane highway for almost one hour until the police came. It was not an ideal situation and to be honest we were all pretty worked up. We were finally able to take an Uber back to the airport and get a new rental car. The people were so nice...they brought us waters and even put Nash and I in an air conditioned car while we waited out the process (It was literally 107 degrees that day!)

After we got our new rental, we were still pretty upset. But we decided to not let what happened put a damper on our evening and to continue our plans. We barely made it to the park before the sun set but I was able to get a few family photos and my heart was happy! They are not the best by any means but they actually have more meaning to me now knowing everything that had happened that day.


Okay, this one was just too funny not to post. Nash was so over photos haha.

Okay, this one was just too funny not to post. Nash was so over photos haha.