First Day of Spring

The first day of spring doesn’t seem to hold much meaning for us Floridians. We don’t have snow, let alone a real visual change of seasons. I suppose it does begin to rain more often and the humidity begins to make a comeback (as well as my allergies. FUN.) But none the less, I felt the urge to take the babies out for some play and a "first day of spring” photoshoot.

I was really inspired while envisioning my ideas for these pictures. I honestly have not felt this creative push/inspiration in awhile. It felt soo good! As a mom and a creative, it is really easy to put my creative needs last. I am busy. I am tired. I am always doing (especially for the littles) Depending on the day, packing up my kiddos and camera for a fun photoshoot can seem like the most daunting, anxiety driven task. But today was not that day. Today it felt good. fun. light. happy. free. I pray that you can see that in my photos here. I also have to point out that it was Nora’s first wagon ride and if you can’t tell by her humongous grin, she loved it!

*I have linked all products that I was able to at the end*

PS Special shout out to my husband for taking some awesome pictures so I could jump in a few with Nash and Nora!

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