Disney World Tricks + Tips

To say life has been a little crazy lately is an UNDERSTATEMENT. My husband has been super busy with traveling/work and we just moved 6 days ago. The move was unplanned and I will save that for another blog post 😊  We also had a little vacation planned in between everything to Disney which ended up being even more enjoyable because we were really craving some rest and relaxation at that point.



We stayed at the Disney All Star Music Resort in Orlando. If you're wanting to stay at a Disney resort but don't want to empty your bank account,  this resort will get you the most bang for your buck. We even commented that just staying at the hotel during the day and hanging out by the pool etc. would have been really nice! The parks were not very busy at all. The longest wait we saw was 20 minutes. I would recommend going in the beginning of May if you don't want lots of crowds!


I've learned a few things so far about going to a Disney park with a little babe and want to share them with you in hopes someone else won't make the same mistakes we did 😅 First thing, maybe it's just me but I had never thought to ask hotels if they have cribs available. We always lugged our huge pack n' play around. One time we had just happened to forget it at home and found out that they do in fact offer cribs and/or pack n' plays! The Disney hotels even have Mickey Mouse sheets which doesn't really matter but are super cute lol. Also, Disney allows you to bring drinks and snacks into the park. A bottle water is anywhere form $3-5 once you are inside. We stock up on the mini 8 oz of bottled water and throw some protein bars into the diaper bag and are good for the day! We usually eat one (maybe two if we are really hungry and there all day) meals in the park. This past trip we purchased a cheap umbrella stroller from Target and it was a life saver! No more hauling around the humongous stroller. Not sure why we didn't think of that one sooner. The last tip might quite possibly be the greatest one yet. Disney parks offer Baby Care Centers. They are air conditioned buildings that offer a place for families with children to sit, change diapers, eat, heat up food/bottles, nurse, watch a movie, purchase baby supplies etc. Florida heat is no joke and this center was such a big blessing this past trip. Nash fell asleep and we were able to go sit down comfortably and wait for him to wake up without sweating our bootys off. I just remembered one more thing! Nash has been on formula since 2 months. We need water to be able to make his bottles. Our first Disney trip I had to buy a bottle of water every time Nash needed to eat. (I didn't want to pre fill up the bottles with water because they would be very hot by the time he actually drank them.) That was a lot of $$$ and crazy! Now I purchase a pack of the already made formulas and throw those in the bag along with empty bottles and no more spending $20-30 on water for formula!


Do you have any Disney hacks that have changed the way your family vacations there? I'm sure as time goes by I will find more tips/tricks to share with you 😊 



iPhone photo of the Disney All Star Music Resort



Nash's outfits: 

Shark shorties and stripe bloomies: Periwinkle Jazz  

Grey tee: Cat and Jack

White tank: H&M Baby

Sandles: Old Navy

Grey and black trucker hat: George Hats