Photo credit: Sarah Ormiston Photography

Photo credit: Sarah Ormiston Photography


My name is Jessica. I am a southwest Florida native, a wife to Dan and a mom to Nash. I love being a boy mom! One of my favorite things are styling my little guy and decorating (and re-decorating) our home. We live in a 1940's bungalow and it is literally an answered prayer! I love photography, coffee (any kind, any day, any time!) I'm a believer in Jesus and essential oils. 

My intention for my blog is to have a place to share God's love in all of its rawness. Topics may include but are not limited to joyful moments, messy times, our travel adventures, fashion, everyday life at the Farias household...you get the gist.

I pray that this blog can bring laughs to a few, be a resource for some, and inspire many.

Thanks for stopping by!